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We focus on a range of products that comply with the definition of eco-friendly or contributing to a low impact lifestyle.

For the cold season, we install thermal insulation to ceiling spaces, clad hot waterpipes and fit geyser blankets, seal windows and doors, close up air bricks and fit chimney cowls. We try to keep the heat in and reduce the amount of energy required to keep warm.

In the summer months we try to keep the heat out and improve ventilation. We install skylights and service windows and figure out where the naturally occurring airflow happens in your house. Then we advise on which windows to keep open and which closed so that you have natural ventilation rather than have fans running in opposition to one another and the natural airflow. We build pergolas to shade windows that receive a lot of sun in summer, and rig them so that you can move them to allow sun in in the winter.

We overhaul lighting systems and install the latest LED technology so that the power usage is as low as it can be. If you are keen to install photovoltaic panels, we assist with installation of deep cycle battery packs and inverters so that you can be almost off-the-grid. If you prefer the low voltage option, we can design and install a complete low voltage solution.