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Security systems are only as strong as their weakest link. The weakest link in most systems is that the alarm system is not armed when you are at home.

We promote the concept of two lines of defence, with one being an early warning system and the second being the main system that protects all the doors and windows.

The system consists of an invisible barrier around your house and close to your perimeter. This network of beams allows you to set the system to warn you of anyone approaching your property. There is a greatly reduced chance of the burglars actually breaking into your house if they have been detected before they get there.

The network of beams can be divided into independent zones. Each zone can be set up to switch on a floodlight directed into the triggered zone. Combined with cameras, this system keeps you aware of the movements outside your house before the burglars get close to your house.

It is also possible to have the camera system send live video to your mobile phone if so required.

We will do all the construction and pipe installation and use a PSIRA registered security company to do the installation of the security equipment.