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In the current market, your home needs to look its best if you are to achieve the best possible selling price.

We prepare homes for sale, ensuring that your home is presented in the best possible way.

The first thing a prospective buyer sees is the front of your house. Estate Agents call this "Pavement Appeal." We mow lawns, trim flower beds, plant where necessary and give the front of your house a facelift.

Your front door is next on the viewers list - we paint or varnish, and give the reception area a critical eye. We might suggest moving a few ornaments into this space and perhaps putting a picture on the wall.

Once indoors, the buyer wants to visualise his/her own possessions in the rooms. Rooms should be bright and airy, with all the clutter cleared away. This might require cleaning the windows and painting those dark walls to get somemore light into the environment. Fitting a mirror or installing an additional light can make a room seem much larger and more inviting.

Big bulky furniture that takes up a lot of space might be moved to other places so that rooms don't look crowded and small. It might be worthwhle to bring in some "borrowed" furniture to create the right effect.

Then we have a look at the general state of the property maintenance and point out items that we feel should be attended to. Leaking taps, black silicon sealer around the bath and basin, stained toilet bowls and "under sink stink" are some of the areas we would work on.

If you are a smoker or have dogs, we would suggest cleaning carpets and curtains so that we eliminate as much of the odour as possible. It is not going to remove the smell completely and in really bad cases, changing the carpets and a complete paint job on the inside is necessary to remove old tobacco smells. Estate agents will tell you that you it is much more difficult to sell a home where the residents are smokers, and sellers could lose as much as 20% on the selling price.

Install a fenced off area for your dogs so that prospective buyers don't have to encounter your pets when they are viewing. This can always be removed at a later date and who knows, the buyer might even like it and ask you to leave it in the deal.

And then to the most contentious area - the garage! It's the man cave where all the good junk is kept. We clean out the garage completely, we pack valuable tools and equipment for moving, and remove the garbage. We paint the walls and the floor, get rid of the typical garage smells and oil stains. If you are moving to a new place, talk to us about setting up your new garage - we install workbenches, shelving and storage, lighting and powerpoints to suit your needs.

If you are thinking of selling, call us first!