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If you own your home, a second bond can be the answer to generating more revenue.

The current rental market is reaching a point where there is a lot of overpriced accommodation available.

The buy-to-rent market is taking some strain. It is no longer possible to rent out a property and recover the full cost of the bond from the tenant. There are just not enough renters out there earning salaries that will cover that sort of cost.

There are however many single people out there who can get by with very much smaller and simpler accommodation and who are able to afford rents in the R3000 to R5000 per month range.

Dependent on your circumstances, you could take out a second bond over twenty years (or the remaining period of your mortgage) and use that to add a reasonable sized cottage/granny flat to your home. This could be rented out, income will cover the bond cost and have some cash left over.

In many cases, where there is already an underutilised room, adding a bathroom and second entrance costs a lot less, but the cottage can still be rented out for a substantial amount. This frees up much needed cash for other purposes.

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