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We are an interior and exterior renovations company operating in Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

Rental Property Maintenance

Your property is probably your largest asset. We ensure that it maintains its value by maintaining and repairing before problems are too big to contend with. If you have a property that you are renting out, we can be of assistance.

Are you a property-owner based outside of Cape Town? Call us - we have a basket of services that will make your life easier.

Cottage to Cash

Use your asset to free up some revenue.

Selling your home

We prepare homes for sale. We ensure that your home is presented in the best possible way. Click for more.


Working autonomously and/or under the direction of interior designers and architects, we undertake interior and exterior installations of almost anything within the design and decorating ambit.

Each project is handled under the owner's personal project management eye, ensuring that the client has a complete job done, managed by one responsible organisation and one point of contact.

If you need something installed, fitted, built-in, attached, coupled, joined, connected, mounted, removed or relocated, we are the guys to call.


If we can't fix it, we know someone who can.


We design and install solutions for people who experience disabilities. Ramps, pathways, kitchen and bathroom modifications and other direct access services that enhance independent living.